Feeling happy 🌻💫 #happyasahippo

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fro yo with bae ❤️ cringecutie

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Sublime BW Snapshots Taken with Lomography Orca 110 BW Film

This film may be teeny-tiny in size, but it packs quite a punch when it comes to black and white shots! http://bit.ly/1wLc5bj

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I watched her wake. Eyes fluttering, trying to focus on the new day. I smiled and continued to watch. A smile, accompanied by a low-level moan and stretch, escaped from her. Those sounds make me melt. Her exhales make me melt. And all that is left is the desire to do nothing more and just get back in bed and melt with her.

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Getting to wear a jumper and jacket cause it’s getting colder yayy 💁 #autumn #sweaterweather

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